• Big Data Privacy: Technology and Practice Workshop

    The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and MIT are co-hosting a public workshop entitled “Big Data Privacy: Advancing the State of the Art in Technology and Practice” on March 3. The workshop will focus on core technical challenges associated with big data applications, provide a theoretical grounding for privacy considerations in large-scale information systems, and explore the state of the art in privacy-protecting technologies.
  • Making Ends Meet

    Although the solutions to many modern economic and societal challenges may be found in better understanding data, the dramatic increase in the amount and variety of data collection poses serious concerns about infringements on privacy. In the Stanford Law Review Online's 2013 Symposium Issue, experts weigh in on these important questions at the intersection of big data and privacy.

About Big Data and Privacy

The Future of Privacy Forum believes the President's review will best be informed by posing concrete questions about and presenting actual solutions to the challenge of Big Data. We are inviting comments from privacy experts, academics, business leaders and the public that we will curate and share with the Administration as its review moves forward.

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Big Data Essays

In September 2013, FPF and the Stanford Center for Internet & Society presented a workshop, "Big Data and Privacy: Making Ends Meet." Papers submitted in advance of the event address some of the following key questions: Does big data present new challenges, or is it simply the latest incarnation of the data regulation debate? Does big data create fundamentally novel opportunities that civil liberties concerns need to accommodate? Can de-identification and other technological or administrative controls sufficiently minimize privacy risks? What roles should privacy concepts like consent, context, and data minimization play in a big data world? What lessons can be applied from other fields?

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About the Future of Privacy Forum

FPF is a Washington, DC based think tank that seeks to advance responsible data practices. The forum is led by Internet privacy experts Jules Polonetsky and Christopher Wolf and includes an advisory board comprised of leading figures from industry, academia, law and advocacy groups.

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